Animal House

SPF grade and conventional animal rooms and microbial testing room are built in accordance with national standards. The temperature, humidity and/or pressure difference of animal rooms, and auxiliary areas are continuously monitored by Johnson Controls system equipped with alarm device 24-hour a day.

CTI BIO covers animal facilities in which conventional animal rooms is 6819 ㎡ and SPF-grade animal rooms is 3899 ㎡. The animal rooms can accommodate 650 monkeys, 600 dogs, 8000 rodents, 550 guinea pigs and 260 rabbits at the same time. The sources of laboratory animals, feeds, paddings and other materials all come from suppliers of our qualification certification procedures; environmental indicators such as temperature, humidity, and/or pressure difference of animal rooms are regularly monitored; feeds, padding and drinking water for laboratory animals are regularly tested by third party agencies; the animal husbandry and medical care procedures in accordance with AAALAC International full accreditation.
Experiment species
monkey dog
rat mouse
guinea pig rabbit